• Students of Color Conference

    Applications for this year's Students of Color Conference are now available! This annual three-day conference is reported by students who have attended in the past as "a life-changing experience, open to students of all backgrounds, where people can expect to have their beliefs about race and ethnicity challenged, and participate in an open, honest dialogue in a safe space." Check out the video here to see what it is all about!

  • Humans versus Zombies

    Headquarters will be putting ALL our updates on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nsccstudentleadership


    Headquarters just heard that there were some rumblings on campus and one of you Humans has been turned into a Zombie! Be on the lookout for that orange bandana on the head/neck area. Headquarters will be putting ALL our updates on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nsccstudentleadership

    TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY, January 28, 2015) I am going to recruit some more Humans so if you know of anyone that wants to join the Human force, we will be having an orientation session at 10am or 1pm in the Green Room. Help us keep North a Zombie-free place!

    Good luck Humans!


  • Welcome to North!

    Check out our video here!

  • Start the year off right!

    Here's an article about the ten things that every college professor hates! Read it so you aren't "that" person!


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