Universal Technology Fund


The UTF is charged on top of tuition at a rate of $3 per credit, up to 10 credits. That means that no student pays more than $30 in UTF every quarter in accordance with RCW 28B.15.051.

UTFs are used to purchase technology that directly benefits students. Expenditures may be used for, but are not limited to, endeavors that:

  • Expand student access to current technology
  • Strengthen existing computer resources
  • Improve student access to Internet resources
  • Funding a staff/student supported technology project

UTF also funds the computer life cycle plan which ensures that all classroom and lab computers are systematically replaced every four years on a staggered cycle.

The UTF is allocated by a committee composed of the Student Fee Board (SFB) and two faculty members representing the Transfer and Professional Technical Programs. Non-voting participants include the Director of IT Services and an Advisor from Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs.

UTF Allocation Process

NOTE: Before you submit your proposal, it must be approved by your supervisor or dean, and then by the Vice President for your office or division. Requests exceeding $10,000 will be required to make a presentation to the UTF committee.

Create a UTF request

  • UTF requests must be in accordance with the requirements of NSCC, Washington State, and Federal policies and statutes. RCW 28B.15.031, RCW 28B.15.051, RCW 28B.15.067
  • UTF requests may not be used to provide the fundamental equipment requirements of instructional programs or operational supplies (e.g. paper, toner, ink).
  • UTF committee members are not permitted to submit funding requests.
  • If you are requesting computing technology, hardware, software, or equipment you are required to contact IT to verify accurate costs before submitting request.
  • To access the request form click HERE.

Criteria used in determining allocations

Please consider all the underlying factors when making your request:

  • How many students will benefit from this purchase?
  • What is the student to cost ratio?
  • What is the benefit to students versus the benefit to faculty or party presenting the request?
  • Is the request appropriately funded by students or should the money come from other sources?
  • How does old equipment affect efficiency to or of the students? How will new equipment enhance efficiency to or of the student?
  • How will the request be secured, i.e., have security threats been addressed? How will the equipment or the programs be protected?
  • How many classes and programs would use and benefit from the request?
  • Does the request require additional installation cost and if so, what are the additional cost?
  • What new service does request offer to and or for the students?

Request Period

  • During mid to late Fall Quarter complete UTF information (deadlines, duration, etc.) is advertised on the website and sent electronically via campus e-mail. This is to ensure that everyone has ample opportunity to submit their applications in a timely manner.
  • During the first week of Winter Quarter all requests forms for UTF allocation are to be completed and submitted to the Student Fee Board Coordinator in the Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs Office CC1446.

Review of Requests

  • The UTF committee during early to mid-Winter quarter meets twice a week for two hours at a time during the review process.
    • Individual SFB members evaluate each proposal
    • The SFB listens to presentations by those submitting the requests
    • The SFB debates and discusses all requests
    • The SFB votes on final allocations (majority vote required for approval)


  • Allocation decisions will be communicated to the presenter of each request in a formal award e-mail from the Student Fee Board Coordinator.
  • All awards will also be announced to the campus via campus e-mail and Student Fee Board website.





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