Student Fee Board (SFB)


The Student Fee Board allocates student funds in a responsible manner to enhance student life and opportunities on campus. Led by the Dean of Student Life, the Finance Officer, and the Student Fee Board advisor, student leaders on this board make decisions about three budgets: the Universal Technology Fee, Services and Activities Fees, and the General Fund. All student fees are managed according to North Seattle College's SLMP Financial Code. 

Student fees are collected from all enrolled students as part of their total tuition payment. The Student Fee Board consists of student leaders from different boards and the Finance Officer, in addition to faculty, staff, and administrators. The Finance Officer manages communication with the campus about application cycles and deadlines, the process of soliciting funding requests, budget hearings, the group decision-making process, and budget presentations. Student Leadership staff oversee compliance with state laws, minute-taking, monitoring expenses, training student leaders for their roles, and administrative processes.

The following are general descriptions of the different fees that the Student Fee Board oversees:

Universal Technology Fee 

Universal Technology Fee dollars are collected from each student and allocated for technology related projects and programs that serve the student body.

Services and Activities Fees

Services and Activities Fees are used primarily for extracurricular activities, tutoring and other on-campus programs that support student learning and achievement, as well as programs that build community. This includes childcare, the Wellness Center (gym), Student Media Center, Equity Center, and more.

All S&A fees that were not expended by programs during an academic year and all excess S&A fees collected beyond the projected amount are carried forward into a rollover account.

Services & Activities Budget Disclosure 

The 62nd Washington State Legislature implemented a Bill, SHB 2352, during their 2012 Regular session which stipulates that the expenditures of the Services & Activities Fees are to be made public and posted on the college websites for each respective university or college by September 30th each year. In accordance with this Bill we have supplied North Seattle Community College’s Service and Activities Budget allocations for your viewing. 

For more information, contact the Finance Officer at or Janet Hoppe-Leonard (Advisor) at

S&A Fee Expenditures for 2019-2020

UTF request Form 2020

General Fund

The General Fund is available for use year-round. General Fund requests must benefit student life on campus and is primarily used for clubs, unexpected expenses, and one-time purchases.

Request Funds

  • Thank you for your interest in requesting funds. 

Please note, funding requests will not be accepted without both approval from a supervisor and approval from your VP.

For all UTF Requests:

Please fill out the following form, UTF REQUEST FORM.  For more information, contact the Finance Officer at or Janet Hoppe-Leonard (Advisor) at


For General Fund Requests:

Please download and fill out the following form, GENERAL FUND REQUEST FORM, and email it to the Finance Officer at or Janet Hoppe-Leonard (Advisor) at