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Communications Board (CB)

Comm Board

The Communications Board, administered by Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs, is the voice for Student Leadership. The CB creates and uses various forms of media to communicate publicly their events and activities. 

Work study and part-time hourly students are selected by the hiring committee each Spring to create flyers, brochures, online media campagins, videos and more to communicate to the campus community what is going on in Student Leadership. 

For more information, contact the Communications Board Coordinator, or

Communication Request:

If you would like to request a flyer, banner or other promotional material from the communications board, please download and fill out the communication request document (below). 

You can turn the document in to the Student Leadership Office located on the first floor of the College Center OR you can email the document to the Student Communications Board Coordinator  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Request for Communications.doc